Monday, February 18, 2013

Planting seeds, growing roots

Wintertime. When the world is blanketed in white. The sky, often overcast, waiting with trepidation for the snow to fall, those gentle flakes coming from the sky and laying claim to all trees, ground, and rocks. I love winter in that it is a time of slowing down. Solitude. Of endless challenge and adventure trying to figure out how my legs work with skis attached to them, wondering if I will make it down the hill, this time remaining upright. Though new to skis, most days I welcome the falls, it means that I am learning, it pushes me to get back up and to try again. It teaches me, that like all things, it takes practice.
Winter is also a hard time for me, in that I dream of days where the sun is warm, with bare skin and a gentle wind that makes the leaves in the trees dance with delight, and the whole world grows green with life.
Though it is mid February, and as I look out my window, I am met with a mild winters day, and a world still covered in snow, I can't help but to turn inwards and dream of tiny seeds in my hand, watching them drop into the soil, and then growing into first small indecipherable sprouts until they begin to show their first leaves becoming recognizable. I close my eyes and see green all around me, with small flowers in bloom, turning into fruit. Bees buzz around collecting pollen, birds chirp, swooping here and there as if dancing in the glow of the suns rays celebrating each moment. I feel my fingers twitch and realize they are looking for the earth. What I would give to be able to plunge my hands into the soil, preparing the bed for the all the different plants that are soon to begin growing.
It is February.
Though winter may still be here, and though I live in a climate where it would be unthinkable (and a rather silly notion) to go outside and try to grow something, there is the wonderful possibility of growing things indoors.
I feel lucky these days. I live in a house. Just writing these 5 little words fills my heart with joy. I live in a house! It's wonderful. This house is full of life, with sunshine and light that pours in from all directions, the houseplants are happy reaching their green leaves up as if always exclaiming "YES!" to no one in particular, while us three inhabitants gather around our kitchen counter musing about our days, making home cooked meals and letting our lives unfold before us.  It's been awhile since I have found myself in one place, with no immediate intention to move. And must say that I welcome this feeling of being rooted to one place. I thought I would be scared to be in one place, that I would somehow get stuck, and lose my independence to roam, but instead, in many ways, it has given me more freedom, it has given me a sense of place and belonging which also brings the security of knowing that if I were to go out into the world, I have a place to come home to.  And if that isn't enough what I have come to realize is that I can do things that have been but mere dreams of  a traveller.
So with fingers twitching, I begin my first project: an herb garden for the kitchen. I've thought often of what herbs I love to cook with: basil and chives, two relatively simple herbs to grow and enjoy. So to also add a challenge to the mix (as I believe that we should need a challenge to keep us on our toes!) I selected rosemary.
And now, without further ado, time to get growing!