Friday, March 15, 2013

They're growing!

Before the winter blues completely set in, I planted some herb seeds. What a great time to start such a fun project.  I mean, why not bring some life and colour to a dull time of year, where the cold sits in your bones, and the grey becomes an attitude. It has been so exciting to watch with wondering eyes as these seeds begin to  reach up out of the soil to greet the light. All three pots (rosemary, basil and chives) are full of baby sprouts well on their way to growing up into the delightful herbs they are.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dreaming of building my house of dreams

  Recently, I have been dreaming of building my own home. A home with a garden. I think about the shape, how the garden would look, how the house would look, what materials I would use. It would be a small house, cosy and quaint, with a small greenhouse off to the side for plants to grow and light to stream in showering the rooms with sunlight.   A few months back while perusing a copy of Mother Earth News, I came across one of their articles highlighting unique garden sheds folks have built. I don't know if my jaw dropped first or the magazine, but there on one of the pages was my dream house starring back at me. In this case, it's a garden shed but the shape of it, the very idea, there it was, alive. This shed stands happily in Mansfield, Ohio. Though I will not be relocating any time soon to Ohio, my dreams linger onwards with the affirmation that I will soon find myself building the house of my dreams. And all around it, gardens will grow. Birds will sing. And I will be home.