Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dreaming of building my house of dreams

  Recently, I have been dreaming of building my own home. A home with a garden. I think about the shape, how the garden would look, how the house would look, what materials I would use. It would be a small house, cosy and quaint, with a small greenhouse off to the side for plants to grow and light to stream in showering the rooms with sunlight.   A few months back while perusing a copy of Mother Earth News, I came across one of their articles highlighting unique garden sheds folks have built. I don't know if my jaw dropped first or the magazine, but there on one of the pages was my dream house starring back at me. In this case, it's a garden shed but the shape of it, the very idea, there it was, alive. This shed stands happily in Mansfield, Ohio. Though I will not be relocating any time soon to Ohio, my dreams linger onwards with the affirmation that I will soon find myself building the house of my dreams. And all around it, gardens will grow. Birds will sing. And I will be home.

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